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Welcome to McClelland Lawyers

McClelland Lawyers are committed to providing competent, efficient, innovative and practical solutions to clients with family law issues to resolve.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service by:

  • Educating and guiding our clients through the legal process in a friendly, supportive and caring manner
  • Anticipating and solving problems efficiently and creatively with respect for each client's needs
  • Utilising the convenience of available technology to streamline and expedite the provision of our legal services
  • Earning and maintaining the respect, confidence and goodwill of our clients, team members and colleagues
Belinda McClelland

Belinda McClelland

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Belinda McClelland graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Jurisprudence in 1989 and a Bachelor of Laws in 1990. She has more than thirty years experience helping clients find a resolution through stressful and difficult times.

Areas of Service

Areas of Service

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  • Property settlement - Division of assets, liabilities and superannuation
  • De facto relationships
  • Children’s matters
    • Parenting and care arrangements
    • Child support including Binding Child Support Agreements
    • Child name change
    • Passport applications
    • Establishing/modifying parenting plans
    • Paternity
    • Relocations
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Divorce
  • Binding financial agreements including “Pre-nuptial Agreements”
  • Enforcements of orders and agreements
Providing You With Choices

Providing You With Choices

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At McClelland Lawyers we appreciate that no two cases are alike. Often family law issues involve complexities that are best handled by an experienced law professional. McClelland Lawyers offer over two decades of legal experience in helping clients find a resolution during difficult times.

Nobody wants to be told what to do and only you know what is best for you and your family. Our firm will do everything we can to inform you about the options you have, allowing you to ultimately make an informed decision about how to proceed with your family law matters.

We welcome your input and encourage you to reduce your legal fees by assisting in any way you can. We also offer DIY support and guidance to clients who wish to represent themselves. Meeting with a lawyer from our firm is the first step in finding a positive solution to your family law matter.

Due to the gravity of the rights and interests at stake in family law matters, these legal actions can be emotionally charged, time-consuming and costly. We diligently work toward achieving a fair and equitable result for each of our clients in a cost effective and practical way.

When to Contact Us

When to Contact Us

We highly recommend you obtain our advice and guidance:

  • Prior to separation – so that your decision in this regard is fully informed, and so that you avoid taking steps which might prejudice your future entitlements, planning at this stage can provide significant benefits.
  • As soon as possible after separation – whilst you may be suffering anxiety, stress and grief following your separation, it is often helpful to have all those legal questions that arise upon separation answered before they cause you even more worry... so that you understand what needs to be done, what steps to take, and what steps to avoid.
  • Before you commence your negotiations – so that you have some idea of your entitlements and whether the offers being made are fair and reasonable or not.
  • If you have been involved in protracted negotiations which seem to be taking forever and not resolving anything – we can provide you with fresh ideas to stimulate resolution.
  • If you require a second opinion, to reassure yourself that your matter is on the right track;
  • Prior to engaging in mediation or arbitration – so that you have had independent legal advice as to your entitlements and can make informed decisions.
  • Once you have negotiated an agreement – we can assist you to ensure it is properly documented, fair, tax effective and binding.


Phone: (08) 6263 4426


Suite 8, 755 Albany Highway
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